I want a President
Photo series created as part of the course "Text vs. Image / Identity" with Prof. Henrik Spohler at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences
„I want a president“
is a 1992 poem by American Zoe Leonard. Inspired by the presidential candidacy of a friend of the artist – Eileen Myles – Leonard asks in the poem why the president is always an old white man, not, for example, a lesbian or a black woman. In the poem, Zoe Leonard calls for more diversity in leadership positions.
Inspired by this poem, I developed the idea of photographing people from a wide variety of marginalized groups in a presidential setting. I've photographed women, queer cis people, as well as trans and non-binary people and gay men so far - generally everyone is welcome to the project except white cis straight men, who are overrepresented anyway.
I would like to continue the project to include more groups of people and especially people with migration history, black people and generally people of color and religious minorities.