Result of the short-term project "Digital Demonstrations" with Fabian Maier-Bode at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Collaboration with Vivien Katschak, Emma Kersten and Jonah Seifried
When you think of an "analog" demonstration, the image of many people with self-written cardboard signs immediately pops into your head.
The "Protest Poster Generator" offers demonstrators an easy way to create beautifully designed and legible posters.
Users can either start the generator right away and enter their own "protest slogan" or get inspired in the gallery. Background and font color as well as font type and size are predefined for the individual posters, so that users do not have to worry about this and still receive a well-designed and, above all, still legible result from a great distance.
The finished poster can be downloaded as a PDF in the desired DIN format. The "Share" function will be implemented so that the protest can also be shared on the various social networks.
Here you can test the prototype!

Tour durch den ProtestPosterGenerator. Gezeigt werden die Features der Live-Vorschau des Plakates, Formatadaptionen mit einem Klick sowie eine intelligente Texterkennung, die es verhindert, beleidigende und herabwürdigende Inhalte zu erstellen.

Startseite mit Galerie und Vorschlags-Button für neue Templates.

Generator-Fenster mit Textfeld und Live-Vorschau des fertigen Plakates. Es kann sowohl als PDF heruntergeladen als auch direkt auf allen gängigen Social-Media Plattformen geteilt werden.